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Birch Cliff Public School Turns 100

Bluffs Monitor
is settling in to our new office located
2432 Kingston Rd.,
in Cliffside
by Valerie McDermott 	The school was filled with people from di
by Lee Graves A Bit of History: Originally the plans were to co
Nuclear Power Price To Go Up 180% by 2026
from Ontario Clean Air Alliance 	Ontario Power Generat-ion (OPG
Rebar below Guild Park & Gardens Removed or Capped
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Scarborough Bluffs United Church


Peterborough Pops Ensemble

Sing “Going Gospel”
October 22nd
7:00 pm

3739 Kingston Road
Tickets $15 each

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The photo at the top of this page is of the Bluffs today, seen from the bottom of Brimley in what is known as Bluffers Park
They have a history of European occupation going back to the seventeen hundreds. Lowland Scots emigrated to this area after being pushed out of their farms in Scotland by the titled gentry. Some of their descendents still live here today.
The name “Scarborough Bluffs” was given to it by Elizabeth Graves Simcoe, wife of the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada,
John Graves Simcoe because it reminded her of Scarborough Bluffs in England.
The Bluffs are the only geologically scenic area in the greater Toronto area but are also a geologic wonder, visited by scientists from all over the world to study its exposed history of the planet.  

Scarborough Communities are Unique!

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by: Councillor Paul Ainslie 	The Toronto Region Conservation Au
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